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Over the last week or so, I have been in the press more often than usual.

I recently was interviewed by the Chronicle of Philanthropy for an article about international giving. That article, “Giving From Abroad: US nonprofits are dispatching fundraisers around the world to capture emerging wealth,” by Drew Lindsay, appeared The Chronicle’s What Will Matter in 2017 report, which was released on December 30.

A bill that would have provided additional revenue for my town in the form of recreation tax failed to pass the Massachusetts Senate on Tuesday, which was the last day of the legislative session. From The Recorder:

“If approved, the recreation tax would have provided “the single largest new source of revenue for the town,” said Beth Bandy, who chairs the Board of Selectmen. “Our property tax base is not expanding, and we need to find new forms of revenue.”

Town officials have said they don’t know exactly how much new revenue a recreation tax would bring in because the affected businesses are private, for-profit companies.

Bandy said the selectmen will be meeting next week with state Rep. Paul Mark, D-Peru, “to figure out what needs to be changed, and if we’re going to re-file.”

I attended a well-attended meeting forming a Franklin County chapter of League of Women Voters – Massachusetts. A Recorder article about the meeting focused on why people turned out for this event:

“Others, including Charlemont Selectboard Chairman Beth Bandy, said they wanted to work on issues through the League that most affect rural western Massachusetts.”

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