Sunday notes: Improving political dialogue, hacking NGOs, future of the Clinton Foundation, the first podcast, and Leonard Cohen

In the wake of the fractious US presidential election, TED compiled a set of talks about improving political dialogue for the sake of “a better society.”

The Guardian (UK) recently published an article about Christopher Lydon, the Boston radio host who created the world’s first podcast. In the article, Lydon said,

“Podcasting is different to radio – institutionally as well as functionally… [It] was born out of the despair around the Iraq war. It was a political response to a giant breakdown in the American conversation, in the world conversation. I went to New York to demonstrate and the New York Times didn’t even cover it. Podcasting was about people speaking up in a time of traditional media oblivion.”

Lydon’s most recent Open Source podcast topic is “Seeing Red in Trump’s America.

Ars Technica reported that a Russian hacking group is now targeting “non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and policy think tanks in the US.”

The future of the Clinton Foundation was in the news after the election. According to Philanthropy News Digest, questions about board membership and other issues raised during the campaign are yet to be resolved.

“Potential conflicts of interest for a president-elect Clinton are now moot, but whether the foundation will transfer and spin off programs as it had planned remains uncertain.”

This weekend’s New York Times Magazine is about design. One article that particularly caught my attention in this issue was “Cracking Code: Why is it so hard to Make a Website for Government?

Finally, a hard week was made that much more sad with the passing of Leonard Cohen. Here’s a track that seems to capture the mood of the last few days.

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