What I’m doing this week

It’s a tense week here in the US, with our election coming up Tuesday. In addition to listening to election-appropriate music, like that linked above, and obsessively checking the stats on FiveThirtyEight, here are the things I will be doing this week. What does your week look like?


  • Working on US-focused research projects for two independent schools
  • Helping a client prepare for fundraising in Thailand
  • Being interviewed for a newspaper article about international philanthropy and fundraising
  • Chairing a Select Board meeting, at which we will be discussing a dog bylaw, MassWorks funding for bridge repairs, new grant opportunities, communication strategies, and hosting an upcoming summit of small Western Massachusetts towns




  • Doing research for three independent schools focused on the US and Thailand
  • Starting a long-term project that will help a university develop a basic modeling process for international fundraising
  • Attending the monthly meeting of a nonprofit that raises funds for local music students
  • Crossing my fingers at an election party in Greenfield



  • Doing fundraising research focused on the US and Thailand
  • Working on a long-term global screening project
  • Attending a meeting learn about the recommendations of a committee looking at financial sustainability for our regional school district.
  • Working with a committee to draft an RFP for local ambulance service


  • Wrapping up Thailand research, starting a new project focused on India
  • Continuing US fundraising research projects
  • Serving as a judge at a community spelling bee, a fundraiser for the Mary Lyon Foundation, which supports our regional school district.



  • Wrapping up India research project
  • Continuing US fundraising research projects
  • Prepping for a nonprofit board meeting on Saturday


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