Weekend reading

A few of the things I am reading this weekend.


Baker slashes $50M in spending: Cuts part of $320 million budget fix” | CommonWealth

  • News about the Massachusetts Governor’s cuts, which were announced Friday afternoon.
  • According to Boston Globe coverage of the cuts, “The governor, among other things, cut $10 million in grants to small and mid-size hospitals and community health centers and $750,000 from the state’s cash assistance program for the poor, citing lower-than-expected caseloads.”

The FCC is worried about the millions of Americans who still don’t have broadband access  | Quartz

  • The materials linked in this article are well worth a read, too.
  • On a related note, I was quoted extensively in yesterday’s Greenfield Recorder (“West County towns want more details about MBI ‘regional’ broadband plan,” subscription may be required for access) about some of the problems we’re having bringing broadband to communities here in rural western Massachusetts.

Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2016 | Lucy Bernholz, Grantcraft

  • The “annual industry forecast about the ways we use private resources for public benefit,” by Lucy Bernholz.

One Year Later: Reflecting on Detroit’s Philanthropy-Driven ‘Grand Bargain’” | Alliance

  • From the article: “The so-called ‘grand bargain’ will ultimately raise more than $800 million from foundations, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), private donors and the state of Michigan, as reported by The New York Times. According to The New American, it will reduce the city’s debt by $7 billion, save the DIA, earmark $1.7 billion to maintain the city’s essential services like police and fire protection and minimize pension cuts to public sector retir­ees by 4.5 percent.”

The Hidden Lives of America’s Poor and Middle Class” | Stanford Social Innovation Review

  • Tag line: “The financial lives of Americans have dramatically changed. The programs, policies, and products designed to help them need to change too.”
  • The article covers the findings and recommendations from a year-long study of the economic lives of real people around the country. See also: US Financial Diaries

“‘Dark’ Funds May Bode Ill for 2016 Election” | New York Times


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